Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Life in Haiku

It's been a fairly mundane week of the usual merry-go-round of work, cooking, fighting against the tidal wave of laundry and dishes and a parenting style that can best be described as benign neglect. (Read: too many biscuits too little discipline). I've been thinking about haiku recently, probably my favourite poetry form. If only my life could be contained in a short, succinct way instead of the over spilling barely-organised chaos that working five days a week has reduced it too. So, here is a summary of my week in haiku form.

Oh beautiful bump
Growing steadily each day;
Heartburn, you kill me.

Out, out dirty dust,
Futile is my constant chase
You settle the next day.

Fruit, veg, five a day
I strive for better eating,
Does chocolate count?

Oh the joyous joy,
Of bathtime with a toddler
Bathroom needs flood gates.

Work; same time each day,
Working hard to pay the bills.
Taxman you rob me.

Garden of delights,
Or haven for wildlife.
It's all perspective.

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