Thursday, 15 July 2010


These past few weeks, the heat combined with my 4676548 nightly toilet visits have had me staring at the ceiling while the minutes loudly tick by in my head. It has brought to mind a poem I wrote many years ago when a diet of chocolate and caffeine had the same effect.

Alone at night,
I lie in my bed,
And listen for sounds.
Is everyone dead?

Admittedly this was written in the days preceding Mr K, a wriggling toddler and a small cat that streeeeetches. These days I can only dream of an entire bed to myself. Well, I would possibly dream of such a thing…if I could sleep!

My Life in Haiku

It's been a fairly mundane week of the usual merry-go-round of work, cooking, fighting against the tidal wave of laundry and dishes and a parenting style that can best be described as benign neglect. (Read: too many biscuits too little discipline). I've been thinking about haiku recently, probably my favourite poetry form. If only my life could be contained in a short, succinct way instead of the over spilling barely-organised chaos that working five days a week has reduced it too. So, here is a summary of my week in haiku form.

Oh beautiful bump
Growing steadily each day;
Heartburn, you kill me.

Out, out dirty dust,
Futile is my constant chase
You settle the next day.

Fruit, veg, five a day
I strive for better eating,
Does chocolate count?

Oh the joyous joy,
Of bathtime with a toddler
Bathroom needs flood gates.

Work; same time each day,
Working hard to pay the bills.
Taxman you rob me.

Garden of delights,
Or haven for wildlife.
It's all perspective.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Shell Angel

Beach life

I absolutely love this photo of Olivia in St Gille de Croix. It was a beautiful warm day and the beach was practically empty.

It's been a long time coming...

Well, things sudddenly got very hectic after my first,(and only), post. I took on a secondment at work which meant I was working five days a week and then found out I was pregnant! So it's been a very busy few months. I sailed through my last pregnancy with Olivia and fully expected to do the same this time but alas it has been a health rollercoaster. It started with morning(!) sickness. What a misnomer that is. I was ill 24 hours a day - I was even waking up at night feeling ill. On top of that I caught flu - not of the swine variety thank goodness - which totally knocked me of my feeet. Not long after that I slipped a disc and was laid up for another week. Then the dizziness started. After about 3 months of feeling like the world was slipping away from me everytime I stood up I ended up in hospital last Saturday after I collapsed and was non-responsive for about half an hour. Mike called an ambulance and I came round on the way to hospital. It turns out I am anemic after all and am now signed off for the week and have a hefty dose of iron tablets. I'm just starting to feel a little better but am still getting very bad headaches and everything absolutely exhausts me. I have to rest after a walk up the stairs! Oh and while we were away camping in France I developed an infection in my sinus. Nice.

So after nearly a week of enforced sofa rest I suddenly remembered I had started this blog. As I have managed to get this old laptop of mine up and running again I thought I should restart it. Obviously my body is telling me to sloooow down somewhat. I've pretty much written off July in terms of getting any big projects done as I don't think I'll be up to it, it's going to take about that long to get my iron levels back up.

I think that's up-to-date? Am off to publish some photos of our week away.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Well, this is my first ever post in the blogging world. I'm taking inspiration from Virginia Woolf and her decree that all women should have a room of one's own. So, metaphorically this is my room.

It's a space for me to keep all the lists that currently sweep and swirl around my head, waking me at silly o'clock in the morning to gently remind me for the 567287563748 time that there is STUFF that needs doing. And things I would like to do. And ideas for household projects. And websites I like. And information I need.

I want to do so much and see so many things and I don't know if this is a manic period but I find that I am so busy trying to remember what I need to do that I forget what I want to do. So, here I am, organising my life in a handy scrolling format.

The name of the blog comes from this quote;

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown