Friday, 9 July 2010

It's been a long time coming...

Well, things sudddenly got very hectic after my first,(and only), post. I took on a secondment at work which meant I was working five days a week and then found out I was pregnant! So it's been a very busy few months. I sailed through my last pregnancy with Olivia and fully expected to do the same this time but alas it has been a health rollercoaster. It started with morning(!) sickness. What a misnomer that is. I was ill 24 hours a day - I was even waking up at night feeling ill. On top of that I caught flu - not of the swine variety thank goodness - which totally knocked me of my feeet. Not long after that I slipped a disc and was laid up for another week. Then the dizziness started. After about 3 months of feeling like the world was slipping away from me everytime I stood up I ended up in hospital last Saturday after I collapsed and was non-responsive for about half an hour. Mike called an ambulance and I came round on the way to hospital. It turns out I am anemic after all and am now signed off for the week and have a hefty dose of iron tablets. I'm just starting to feel a little better but am still getting very bad headaches and everything absolutely exhausts me. I have to rest after a walk up the stairs! Oh and while we were away camping in France I developed an infection in my sinus. Nice.

So after nearly a week of enforced sofa rest I suddenly remembered I had started this blog. As I have managed to get this old laptop of mine up and running again I thought I should restart it. Obviously my body is telling me to sloooow down somewhat. I've pretty much written off July in terms of getting any big projects done as I don't think I'll be up to it, it's going to take about that long to get my iron levels back up.

I think that's up-to-date? Am off to publish some photos of our week away.

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